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Covering the 2006 movie "The Nativity Story," about the story of Mary and Joseph
and their journey together as they bring the Messiah into the world.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Full Screening of "Nativity" at National Outreach Convention

At this year's National Outreach Convention, held from November 8-11 in San Diego, California, there will be a screening of the complete movie on November 9th. Mike Rich, the screenwriter, will also be appearing as a speaker. One must be registered in order to attend.

Special Movie Preview with Screenwriter Mike Rich

December 1 the whole country will be buzzing about the New Line Cinema film, “The Nativity Story” which chronicles the story of Mary and Joseph during the year leading up to the birth of Christ. Written by Mike Rich (The Rookie, Miracle, Radio and Finding Forrester) the story is powerful and Biblically accurate. “The Nativity Story” is the new classic Christmas story and will provide an excellent outreach opportunity for your church this Christmas, and for years to come.

However, as a NOC attendee, you will have the rare chance to see the full-length film, almost a full month prior to its release. When? Thursday night, November 9th @ 9:30 PM (after Night of Comedy).

Where? To be scheduled at a local theater and if necessary, FREE transportation will be made available.

In addition, screenwriter Mike Rich, a Christian himself, will be speaking to the NOC attendees giving insights into the outreach opportunity that the film presents, as well as fascinating, "behind the scenes" stories from the movie and it's production.

More Appeal than The Passion of the Christ

In the same way that The Passion of the Christ, brought the realities of Jesus' death and resurrection to life for millions, “The Nativity Story” will bring the true story of Christmas into the hearts of Christians and non-Christians, as never before. However, "Nativity" will be a movie with family appeal and rating, making it even more accessible than The Passion. The film stars academy award-nominated actress Keisha Castle-Hughes (The Whale Rider) as Mary.


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