The Nativity Story

Covering the 2006 movie "The Nativity Story," about the story of Mary and Joseph
and their journey together as they bring the Messiah into the world.

~~One Family. One Journey. One child, who would change the world. Forever.~~

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

7 Short Clips from "Nativity"

Moviefone, as well as the Nativity Resource site, has some brief clips from the movie, showing Mary's betrothal, Mary's asking Elizabeth why God chose her, Mary's return from visiting Elizabeth, Mary's attempt to explain her miraculous pregnancy to her family, Joseph's disappointment in Mary's pregnancy, Joseph's telling Mary that he believes her, and Joseph and Mary's discussion about their fears in having to raise such a special Child. Watch the medley of them in my video below:

Thanks to Nick for the tip-off!


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